Film-maker and actress Zahra Maharaj bags her first radio gig

Zahra Maharaj has bagged her first radio gig. Picture: Supplied

Zahra Maharaj has bagged her first radio gig. Picture: Supplied

Published May 17, 2024


Film-maker, actress and now radio broadcaster, Zahra Maharaj, is spreading her wings to show off her other talents.

Maharaj recently joined uMhlanga-based radio station, Megazone Bollywood, where she hosts the “Let’s Go Local” show from 4pm to 6pm every Saturday.

Also known as Seema Rampertab, she was born on a little farm in Welbedacht and, at the age of 6, moved to Phoenix where she spent her formative years honing her love for music and Indian cinema.

Zahra Maharaj has bagged her first radio gig. Picture: Supplied

“Growing up as part of a stable but poor family I can say that was one of the best years of my life. Having very little didn’t take away from my life but added to my need to want to excel at whatever I chose to do.

“My parents, being very cultural and spiritual, led me on a path towards service to mankind. I involved myself in charitable organisations and my love for music made me join the local service groups which led me to participate in many cultural activities.”

“My love for people has been one that has always led me to seek for home-grown local talent which I believe is one of the reasons I am now on radio.

“Before joining radio, I never thought that this was an area I could excel in, and thanks to the founder of Megazone FM for seeing that I could add value to the radio space and more especially in the local talent space,” said Maharaj.

After matriculating in 1994, the well-rounded creative joined an interior decorating company and soon after realising that being an interior decorator was not her passion, she then hosted her own musical shows from the comfort of her living room.

Maharaj said being on the radio was furthest thing from her mind.

“With encouragement and motivation from Vishal Maharaj I took the plunge and entered radio, a decision I do not regret, as this has opened another door to my inherent passion for connecting music and movie and one day to also create magic.

“Entering radio now for me is the right time, right place, and platform to recognise local artists. I am working very hard to accomplish becoming a talk show host with a difference.

“I want to bring artists to the forefront and look at matters that can assist people in their struggles,” she said.

“Having supportive parents who encouraged both my brother and I has helped us to pursue talents and push forward to attain our goals. Coming from an impoverished background kept us grounded and humble.

“Despite our many challenges and their support, I was able to continue my journey to becoming a movie director and birth VeerZahra Productions,” added Maharaj.

She said film-making in South Africa is very challenging as they are not recognised or supported in any way.

“There are many hurdles and finance is just one of them. As a director of movies, what I love is that I can tell a story of real life without bringing the actual ‘drama’ to the forefront.

“My future vision is successful storytelling and recognising artists and most importantly not wanting talent to go down in vain,” said Maharaj.