Robyn Rossouw brings an exciting dynamic to ‘Summertide’ as Amina

Robyn Rossouw as Amina. Picture: SUPPLIED BY MNET

Robyn Rossouw as Amina. Picture: SUPPLIED BY MNET

Published May 28, 2024


Fans of ‘Summertide’ recently got to meet the mysterious Amina, portrayed by the talented actress, singer, dancer and voice-over artist Robyn Rossouw.

Amina arrived in False Bay looking for her Aunt Cheryl at Salt & Fire. She was hoping for an internship in conservation and to study at the University of Cape Town.

However, she first had to navigate family politics and determine whether she belongs in the Solomons family. Her interactions with Rebecca, Gavin and Martin promise to add fresh intrigue to the 52-part series.

Robyn Rossouw, better known to viewers for her roles as Monique Ross in ‘Arendsvlei’, Cindy Avontuur in ‘Swartwater’ and Crystal in ‘Tickets’, brings a wealth of experience to the role of Amina.

Rossouw studied drama, majoring in cabaret and physical theatre at Stellenbosch University, graduating in 2018. Since then, she has been a constant presence in the South African film and television industry.

“I found my way into the industry right after graduating and have been working non-stop since 2019,” she says.

Rossouw studied drama, majoring in cabaret and physical theatre at Stellenbosch University, graduating in 2018. Picture: SUPPLIED

Originally from Kimberley in the Northern Cape, she prefers the quiet life and is passionate about representing her hometown.

“There are so many talented people from Kimberley and other smaller places with just no opportunities in front of them, that life in the world of arts seems very far away,” she says.

“Drama is not a subject that one finds at schools in Kimberley, and I feel that a lot of us think that because we don't have that background, it’ll set us back. If I can be a link to help another person from a smaller place find opportunities, I want to,” she adds.

To prepare for her role as Amina, Rossouw focused on understanding her character’s Muslim faith.

“Amina’s faith is number one in her life and solidifying her core makes the rest easy.

“I had conversations with my Muslim friends, asking them about Amina’s background, daily routine and her parents’ characteristics. I learnt how to pray correctly in the Muslim faith, which helped me embody her character fully.“

Transitioning from playing innocent schoolgirls to more mature roles has been an important journey for the actress.

“Playing Amina, who is younger, was a challenge,” she admits.

Rossouw's diverse skills in acting, dance, and singing all contribute to her portrayal of Amina. Picture: SUPPLIED

“I overthought it initially, but our director, Catharine Cooke, guided me to strike the right balance. The most important thing I’ve learnt through playing Amina is that beauty comes from within.

“Wearing a hijab, my curly hair, a big part of my identity, was covered every day, and people could see only my face. This made my personality shine more.”

Rossouw finds parallels between and Amina’s faith.

“I’m not Muslim but, as a Christian woman, my faith drives my actions just as much as Amina’s does hers,” she shares.

Rossouw’s skills in acting, dance and singing contribute to her portrayal of Amina.

“A background in dance helps with stunts and safety, while singing helps me understand my voice's limits. Being physically aware adds depth to a character.

“All my hobbies make me who I am. Kickboxing and exercising make me feel strong and confident. Simple activities like hiking, cooking and spending time with animals, especially cats, teach me about boundaries and how to deal with people.“

Without giving too much away, Rossouw hopes viewers feel love when they watch Amina’s story unfold.

“I hope they see the importance of looking out for one another and understand where people are at in their lives.”

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