WATCH: Foodies stunned after seeing the ‘correct way’ to eat Pringles

Published Nov 27, 2023


There are many things in life we are doing wrong – the way we use deodorant and hang Christmas lights – and, now, its the way we eat Pringles.

Yes, it turns out there is a “correct” way to eat the beloved snack and it is probably not how most of us have been doing it.

A home cook, who posts on TikTok under the name @cookinghungry, explained that Pringle lovers have been munching the beloved crisps all wrong.

In a video, which has since gone viral, he said that most people eat Pringles the same way they are placed in the tube, simply lifting them out and biting into them.

“Did you know there’s a correct way to eat Pringles?” he asks on the video.

The social media star added that most people eat the snack in a “saddle” fashion, with the crisp sitting lengthways on the tongue. This is the way we grab them out of the tube.

In simple terms, @cookinghungry said that we are supposed to flip the crisp over, so that the top side is on our tongues, as the flavouring is mostly on the top, meaning they will taste even better this way.

The TikToker explains: “If you rub a Pringle, you can actually feel all the seasoning on this side.”

@cookinhungry Did you know this is how you should eat @Pringles #Wednesday #snacks ##Lunch #You #Foodie #MindBlown #teacher ♬ original sound - A-A-Ron

The Pringles website confirmed this. And while it said we could enjoy its snack any way we wanted, it noted that some people said there was indeed a best way.

The website states: “There’s no wrong way to eat Pringles! However, some people claim that the best way to eat them is with the ‘top’ of the chip (the side facing the lid of the can) facing down. Pringles typically have more seasoning on the top of the crisps than the bottom, so this way you get the most intense flavour experience.”

People were amazed by @cookinghungry’s discovery and several said they were “today years old” when they heard news. Others said they were “too invested” to change how they ate them.