Gigi Lamayne. Picture: Instagram
Gigi Lamayne. Picture: Instagram

Gigi Lamayne breaks into tears over Inno Morolong drama

By Oluthando Keteyi Time of article published Nov 25, 2021

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Local rapper Gigi Lamyane took to Instagram Live to reveal why she will no longer be pursuing legal action against socialite Inno Morolong.

The award-winning artist has been the talk of the town this week after the socialite took to Instagram and made some nasty remarks about Gigi.

Inno’s behaviour towards Gigi has been described as bullying and trolling and it certainly did not sit well with the “Slaap Tiger” rapper.

Gigi initially revealed that she would be taking legal action against Morolong and had even instructed her legal team to send a legal letter to Morolong.

After the letter was sent, the two later met up, and seemed to end their fight.

During an Instagram Live, Morolong revealed that she had been urged to smoke the peace pipe, by a mutual friend Scooby Nero.

She also claimed that her boyfriend Femi Large, who she accused Gigi of going after, pleaded with them to make peace.

In the clip, Morolong admitted to going below the belt and going too far in the matter. She also expressed a desire to attend anger management classes.

Gigi is also heard in the clip saying she forgives the socialite. The two seem to be very friendly towards each other in the clip, with Gigi even calling her “chomi”.

While the two women in the clip seem to have buried the hatchet after being able to thrash the matter out, it has taken an emotional toll on the “Feelin U” hitmaker.

The “Fufa” rapper who has an open relationship with her fans and often confides in them when she is not okay, later went on Instagram Live and lifted the lid on how emotionally taxing the situation was for her.

Gigi has previously mentioned that she experienced mental health problems and was suicidal at one point.

The star has also been bullied since she entered the Mzansi entertainment industry.

While the moment may have been another social media moment for Gigi, it evoked emotions that she struggles with.

The recent incident has also evoked suicidal thoughts.

Prior to going Live, Gigi wrote on her IG Stories, “It hits harder at night when you’re alone”.

In her emotional IG Live, titled “I’m breaking. I’ve been destroyed by this industry”, she breaks into tears as she gets real with her fans.

"I choose peace because I am not strong enough to give people the fight that they wanted.

“I'm not strong enough. I want you guys to know that if I had it my way. You guys know my history of depression and anxiety and it's really cause of the anxiety that I had to leave it alone.

“I’ve been in the position of wanting to kill myself, I've been bullied before."

She apologises for letting people down, especially those who wanted her to continue with the fight, but explains that the decision was for her mental well-being.

The rapper also revealed that during the ordeal she had no support from people she works with and had to lean on her mother and best friend.

Her colleagues may have not been supportive, but her fans on social media have stood by her, when looking at her comments section.

Gigi may have decided to drop the lawsuit last night but it seems she woke up singing a different tune.

Taking to her Twitter account, she spoke her truth and revealed exactly why she sat down with Morolong for the IG Live.

Gigi dropped a bombshell that she was blackmailed into the sit-down, as she was threatened with explicit content sent to Morolong by an ex wanting to destroy her.

"The most powerful thing I can do is tell the truth. I’ve been threatened with explicit content sent to her apparently by my ex wanting to destroy me . The video yall saw of me saying “chomi “ etc was just that- blackmail. I should’ve just told the truth. I’m sorry it came to this," said Gigi.

She also made a U-turn on her decision to drop legal action, which she will now be adding additional charges to.

Only time will tell if these two women will actually let bygones be bygones, but Gigi seems to be out for revenge and some fans can’t blame her.

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